America is not running on donuts but on the shoulders of skilled workers.

I used to write technical blogs to save fellow engineers time but I never thought I will write a blog like this. Focused on 2 points.

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Uncaught SyntaxError: Unexpected token ‘<’ChunkLoadError: Loading chunk <random text> failed.

If you are using Vue/Angular/React and other modularizable UI frameworks with webpack, you will eventually encounter this error at a certain point in time.

🔏 Solution:

🖨 Isn’t this error frustrating? :-) If you are a developer you…

🎡 Boosting SEO, PWA out of the box

👘 Introduction:

Gatsby is a free and open-source framework based on Facebook React JavaScript Library that helps developers build blazing-fast static websites and dynamic applications. I am now rewriting my web application into GatsBy. Time Starts 4:38 PM CST, Sunday, Feb 14th.

Helps in finding the address based on Lat, Lng. (Geo Coordinates)

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1. Create Context:

private GeoApiContext context;

public void init() {
this.context = new GeoApiContext.Builder().apiKey(securityEncoder.decrypt(this.googleKey)).build();

You can ignore the Security Encoder and supply the key directly for your testing. @PostConstruct is a spring annotation and you can ignore it if not…

Uploading files along with the input form fields using Axios.

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👫 Info:

As the community is facing the problem of using Axios to upload the files and JSON data together, this article is intended to address this straight.

🔯 Context:

Live Reports for Software Quality Automation.

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🎋 Intent: This article will explain the automation of the below steps.

👽 How to run Selenium Tests on Circle CI written in Java

👽 Generate the Extent Report (click on the link to know the setup)

👽 Push back the report to GitHub…

Gopi Krishna Kancharla

Director of Software Engineering @ CapitalOne-Garage

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