nginx + certbot + docker-compose

Quick Intro: Generating SSLs using docker, docker-compose, Nginx & certbot.

Note: In a single certbot command it always generates a single certificate for all the domains listed inside.

# You may specify multiple domains with -d and obtain and
# install different certificates by running Certbot multiple times:
here is the doc

Here is the docker-compose file. Look at the command given to certbot that has multiple subdomains for which we need to generate the certificates for.

→ Use the below nginx.conf file to generate the certs:

→ Add the server blocks once generated as to the above conf file to use the SSLs and also the redirect.

→ Renew Certs

cat <(crontab -l) <(echo “@monthly docker-compose run — rm certbot renew”) | crontab -



GooglePay & TypeScript for a VUE component.

👉 This article is intended to write a Google Pay Button Integration with Vue JS. I am not posting any backend service intrgrations. As I see several people facing the issues for a quick integration extended the google provided javascript into a typescript, resulting in this quick write-up.

Points to catch:

  1. Google Button click returns the “button” object for “this” reference. Not your component. So, make sure you get the singleton for processing further. If not, you will be seeing the below error as “is not a function